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A complete restoration of a famous Upper East Side townhouse built in 1904. Restored all walls, molding designs, floors, doors, fireplaces, chandeliers, etc. Selected all historical paint colors for each room in this 6 floor town house and over saw all the painting in the entire house selected each finish for each room. The upper two floors were done in a contemporary design while the other floors 1 – 4 Floors were brought back to their original grandure. I bought all period original pieces of furniture from top notable retailers along with all fireplace hardware, and the many chandeliers throughout the house. Each piece was authenticated before hand and then again after delivery. All pieces are either Italian, French or Russian 18th and 19th century. I was responsible for all 6 floors of window treatments from contemporary on the top two floors and heavy 18th, 19th and early 20th century period drapery on the remaining floors. I reasserted and designed all major window treatment to be period for the houseā€”as well as had them manufactured, delivered and installed. I had a privacy film put on all the windows in the house. I worked closely with the contractor on all structural details that affected my designs. This was a year long project

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