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Roll out overview for retail stores and Shop-in-Shops

While designing and building the first/ flagship store, it is important to keep in mind the possibility of other stores as well as shop in shops as not to so call “reinvent the wheel” each time. All shop drawings should only have to be done once after originals are approved and the sources of materials will be kept on-hand for such projects in the future. Therefore when a new space is decided on or becomes available the only thing to do will be to create a floor plan for that particular space. This eliminates any other fixture drawings having to be made and since all other sources for materials such as wood, metals, stone, lighting, display materials, etc. will have already been used in the first store a roll out plan will become relatively easy. It is important to select such materials that are easily available and not cost prohibited.

Ultimately, this will speed up the build out time line and will also keep costs in control. This also allows for making a planned accurate budget for future retail stores and shop in shops.

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